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Grit oyster shell  is a pure  natural product and collected by us with our own ships in the sea. The oyster shells are being washed, dried, heated, crushed and shifted. The finished product is without sand, stones and dust 100% natural. We guarantee the absence of salmonellae. Dioxins are tested regularly. Grit oyster shells  are perfect source of calcium for layers. The contained calcium CaCO3 is dissolved just slowly. Therefore, the resorption in the intestine is about 100%  Crushed oyster shells have a more coarse structure  than feed line. Therefore, the particles stay longer in the muscle stomach ( deposit function). Moreover, crushed oyster shells are 5-6 times slower dissolved. As the result the blood calcium level is more constant and higher.

Why do Birds need Oyster Shell Grit??

Oyster shell contains high levels of calcium which is important to a laying birds diet to ensure good quality egg shell production and muscle development. Grit also aids in food digestion. When Oyster Shell Grit is eaten by your hens, it is held in the crop, in turn grinding whole grains, seeds or even kitchen scraps etc, making the digestion of their feed easier, therefore better feed conversion to help meet nutritional needs. Along with the slow release of calcium into the birds system. Oyster Shell Grit is essential for poultry on whole grain diets. Ideal for all aviary birds and Hens. For strong eggs Oyster Shell is a must have. Hens that get too little calcium will lay thin-shelled eggs that will be prone to breakage. Egg shells are made of calcium carbonate, the same as found in oyster shells. When fed to egg laying hens it improves the quality of the eggshell.


Biological Calcium Carbonate for Animal Feed – Made of 100% pure oyster shell. Our usual calcium content is  min 34~35.4% and crude ash is over 89.5%.    Made of 100% African oyster shell.

• Oyster Shell grit (for direct poultry feed) : Especially for layer chicken. 2% oyster shell feed is enough for harder eggshell & lower egg breakage rate than 3.6% lime feed. In terms of cost & productivity, it’s more economical than limestone.

• Oyster Shell fine powder (for feed manufacturing) : 150 mesh, so you can use it for any type of feed manufacturing. Cheap price and free from animal diseases, salmonella, etc.. and it’s organic calcium. It’s a great calcium source for cattle, pig, poultry, pet, etc.

Additional information

If a layer chicken farm meets broken egg problem, they can solve out by feeding 2% oyster shell grit only. It’s not powder like calcium carbonate so, layer chickens eat most of them without any loss and, higher calcium absorption rate and higher effect. Regarding some experiences of our customer, if egg breakage rate is average 8%, the farm can expect about 1% after 45 days feeding.  It’ll be safer egg during transportation, too.

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